Merry Christmas 2014

We had such a relaxing Christmas.   The kids woke up at a reasonable hour (an added bonus of Midnight Mass) and they enjoyed each of their gifts.   Our only negative was Joey didn't feel all that well most of the day.  
I love the excitement of watching the kids open their stockings.   I think  they look forward to that as much or more than the other presents.   I was the same way.

A puffy coat!

He "shaves" every day:)

Her very own copy

Pete the Cat!

We left the mess until the next day.   I loved it.   I always liked the aftermath when I was a little girl and Mama would leave it for an hour or so until she couldn't stand it any longer.   The kids just played so well and we had a simple meal, so there was no need to hurry about.

My heart was so happy, as during the day I saw my children playing.   Thomas was a pro on his roller blades after the first try and back indoors, I saw scenes like those below that made me so glad ours was not a plugged-in Christmas.

These flying fairies are awesome...the first day :(  Such fun for a day, but such a disappointment!

Loving this construction set.   He can build anything!

Lots of fashion creativity and this set includes pattern pieces so she can learn about clothing construction.


I hope your Christmas was a merry and blessed one!


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